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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 25, 2013 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the obama administration begins its push for tighter gun control measures today, one day after democratic lawmakers introduce a controversial bill to ban assault weapons. winter weather as millions of americans try to stay warm in a deep freeze. some are now bracing for a snowy commute to work. and apps for apes, primates at the national zoo get their hand on an ipad. >> it's really fun to watch them interact with something and get such enjoyment and flip through it and really understand what they're doing. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, january 25th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.
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the obama administration takes its push for gun control to virginia today. vice president joe biden will meet with gun safety experts in richmond. it's the opening for the growing support to curb kbun violence. yesterday congressional democrats introduced a plan to ban assault weapons but even they admit that's an uphill battle. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. the ban would be tougher than the assaults weapons ban that expired in 2004. it would ban 157 different military-style filearms, so with such a tight fight again they believe public support will help them win public support measures. vice president biden is heading to virginia to try to gain public support for president obama's gun support proposals. >> it's not about keeping bad guns out of good people but
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keeping bad guns from bad people. >> they joined a group of democrat it lawmakers. dianne feinstein introduced her own bill. >> military-style assault weapons have but one purpose and in my view that's a military purpose. >> the lawmakers say the shooting at sandy hook elementary school show that assault weapons need to be banned. >> a number of the police who came to newtown said to me we could not have stopped that shooter. even with the body armor we were wearing with that kind of assault weapon. >> but vice president bind downplayed the need for an assaults weapons ban thursday. he said those weapons are only used in a small percentage of crimes. >> i'm much less concerned, quite frankly, about what you'd call an assault weapon than i am about magazines and the number of rounds that can be held in a
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magazine. >> and even sponsors of the bill acknowledge an assaults weapons ban is a tough sell on capitol hill. >> we owe it to our constituents and our country to try. >> the nra calls the feinstein bill a wrongheaded approach and says gun bans don't work. now, the original passage of the assault weapons ban in 1994 is blamed for costing the democrats, both the control of both the house and the senate because they supported it. so you can see, anne-marie, just how tough this battle is going to be. >> indeed. susan mcginnis in washington. thank you. well, in senator feinstein's home state one los angeles school district has decided to fight fire with fire. it's armed guards at a school that use the same weapons there. that they believe is the only way to protect. >> it's heartbreaking that we have to resort to this level of
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preparedness. >> reporter: the fontana's police chief is billy green. he bought each officer a semiautomatic rifle. fontana is one of the first school districts to publicly acknowledge having such weapons on campus. by day they're locked in patrol cars or police lockers in school buildings. so these are military-style weapons. >> yes, sir, they're similar to the platform you'd see on an ar-15, all made by colt, the manufacturer. >> reporter: there has never been a gun death at any fontana school. chief green says the newtown school shooting convinced him he's doing the right thing. >> to say that something like that could never happen on one of our campuses here is irresponsible. we need to plan for this. >> reporter: many of the parents
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didn't know they bought the rifles. >> it will be like a bloodbath. he has a gun. the police has a gun. all -- you know, i don't think that's the way -- the avenue we want to take. >> to the people that have that opinion, my question would be when? do we wait until there's been a tragic loss of life? >> reporter: chief green says he could bare the criticism. he couldn't bear the loss of one student's life. now to that dangerously cold weather that just won't let go. this morning much of the mid-atlantic remains under a winter weather advisory or loss. about 25 miles north of boston, temperatures didn't get out of single digits, firefighters were covered with ice as they battled a three-alarm blaze. david bernard of our cbs afell
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yacht wfor is following the cold track. in atlanta we may start with freezing rain but by this afternoon we're looking at a high of 48. that's all going to change over to liquid. if we travel north of there through the carolinas into the atlantic, d.c., as far north as philadelphia, light to moderate snows expected today. mainly one to two inches in most spots. it's not going to be a major storm and it's going to move out. highs in the mid-20s from new york to boston. cleveland after some morning snows will see an afternoon high temperature of 20 degrees. across the midwest it stays cold. and chicago at 29. 16 in minneapolis. dry across the plains. and out west it's still raining. in fact, another rainy day in los angeles, amgd that rain-x tends all the way along the coast to portland and seattle. again, light snows in the easement again, that's proeft not going to be major storm and will end by this evening.
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i'm david bernard for the cbs news in miami. the senate is expected to vote on a 50.50 billion dollar aid bill. the storm cost billions of dollars in residential property damage and president obama says he will sign the bill. in new jersey, though, the state has adopted some high-cost rebuilding guidelines for residents living in flood zones. homeowners in flood zones will be forced to raise their houses as they rebuild or face exorbitant flood insurance premiums, up to $31,000 a year. raising a house can cost between $30,000 to $60,000. many residents say they don't have that kind of money. overseas now to egypt. today is the second anniversary to the start of the uprising that eventually forced president hosni from office. they're particularly upset with
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egypt's new constitution drawn by egypt's dominated legislature. and it looks like smooth sailing for kerry. it looks like the senate will approve his nomination to be the next secretary of state on tuesday. he testified at his confirmation hearing yesterday, appearing before the senate foreign relations committee that he chairs. he was questioned about iran's nuclear program, energy and humanitarian assistance but said in order for the u.s. to be a leader it must get its fiscal house in order. >> it's difficult enough to solve some of the problems that we face, butly tell you, it becomes impossible or near impossible if we ourselves replace our credibility and leverage with gridlock and dysfunction. >> kerry is a five-term senator and vietnam war veteran. coming up on the "cbs morning news," risky rescue crews fight raging waters to say a stranded boy clinging to a
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a 14-year-old boy in australia is alive after a daring rescue. he managed to hold onto a tree until an emergency service worker with a rope was able to drag him through the fast-moving floodwaters. there have been more than a dozen frequent rescues. torrential rains triggered the floodwaters. on the "cbs moneywatch," ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning, anne-marie. a sharp drop in the yen rallied japan's market. tokyo's nikkei shot up 3% marking an 11th straight week of gains whooig while hong kong's hang seng dropped a fraction.
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the nasdaq fell 23 points with most of the loss due to the big drop in apple's stock. apple makes up 10% of the index. microsoft stock fell in after-hours trading after the company reported its earnings decline, about 4% in its fiscal second quarter. the problem was mainly with windows 8. the company's flagship operating system lifted sales but not as much as investors had expected. microsoft shares climbed 1.5% to $27.19 a share. starbucks got a good geologist despite the weak economy. the company reported on thursday a 13% increase in profits for the second fiscal quarter. part of that is due to brisk sales in china where starbucks is expanding. the other big driver is more customers buying food with their coffee. starbucks stock was up 24 centses to $51.84 a share. the nomination process for mary jo white, president obama's
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choice could be a difficult one. mr. obama introduced her on thursday. questions will likely be raised about her time in private practice when she represented companies that have often come before the s.e.c. the u.s. postal service will raise the price of mailing a letter or shipping a package on sunday. a first class stamp will go up by 1 cent to 46 cents. as in recent years these will be so-called forever stamps meaning they're good for the future, regardless of price changes. and a new twist in a long and costly lawsuit over those popular bratz dolls. an appeals court tossed out the millions they were ordered to pay. they have been engaged a lawsuit since 2004. the legal proceedings began when the company accused the bratz designer of stealing the idea
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new york, late afternoon snow, 23 the high. miami, partly sunny with 76 the high. chicago, more snow showers, 29. dallas, partly sunny, 59 the high, los angeles, a little bit of rain, 67 the high. well, time now for a check of the national forecast. mostly light snow will fall across the ohio valley. the northeast and the mid-atlantic states. an icy mix will stretch from the mississippi valley to the southeast. the northeast will see rain and mountain snow and it will be raining across the southwest. in sports now. starting next season the nba's new orleans franchise will no longer be called the hornets. owner tom benson announced the team will change its name to the pelicans. the team unveiled its new logo as well. the pelican is louisiana's state board but said the hornets didn't mean anything to the community. on the court last night knicks carmelo thoents and kevin
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garnett bumping fits. carmelo would have his revenge though. he scores 28 points and the knicks snap an 11-gaming losing streak in boston with an 89-96 win. and things went from bad to worse for one family at the winter x games in aspen. that's snowmobiler caleb moore in the freestyle. he couldn't complete the back flip and barely had the snowmobile fall on him. he was hospitalized with a concussion. moments later his brother colton also crashes and he, too, would be taken to the hospital for a hip jurp. well, thousands of st. louis cardinal fans turned out to say one last good-bye to ballplayer stan the man. many decks out in the team's colors waited in line to pay their respektss to sam muse owe.
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finally a basketball player in michigan is getting a lot of attention despite playing only two minutes all season long. owen grocer is an eighth grade were down syndrome. his coach put him in for the first time and on his first season he sinks a three-pointer. he's not done. owen gets another shot from behind the arc and he nails that one too. six points in two minutes and a whole lot of inspiration. when we return, forget angry birds. primates at the zoo are having fun playing with ipads. there; maybe you can't. when you have migraines with fifteen or more headache days a month, you miss out on your life. you may have chronic migraine. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, afternoon snow, a high of 29. atlanta, high of 48 with ice and rain. st. louis, partly cloudy, 40 degrees. denver, mostly sunny, 57. and seattle, a little cloudy, occasional rain. 47 the high.
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well, much of england, scotland, and wales is in the grip of bitter cold and heavy snow. at an animal sanctuary in wales one shivery chimp is taking to a blanket when she's outside. her caretaker say it's because she's used to living in a house. others eat ice. apparently they don't mind the ice that much. here in the u.s. they're getting millimeter more a little high tech than a blanket. >> reporter: these orangutans like to keep embarrass and now there's an app for that. keepers at the smithsonian national zoo have given these apes an ipad. 36-year-old bonnie enjoys playing the drums. 16-year-old kyle likes to watch video. keeper erin stromberg says the ipads are a natural fit for the
4:22 am
highly intelligent primates. >> it's really fun to watch them interact with something and get such enjoyment and flip through it and really understand what they're doing, tapping the drums, playing the piano. >> reporter: while they don't play words with friends, the zookeepers say the apps they do use provide mental stimulation which helps keep the apes healthy. >> well, any animal in the zoo that doesn't get enough stimulation is going to be more unhappy, not breathe as well. >> reporter: a non-profit conservation group called orangutan outreach is behind the ipads for apes. he says the ipads are ambassadors for their critically endangered cousins in the wild. >> we want people to see they are amazing creatures and they're not that different from us. >> reporter: but they like many of the same apps popular with children. >> bright, engaging experience. things move, make sounds. >> reporter: eventually keepers hope the national zoo orangutans can skype to their counter pats
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around the world. >> soon they'll want their own itunes account. what will come of it. coming up after the local news on "cbs this morning," jennifer lopez on her new movie "parker." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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good morning and welcome to station station. today is january -- wusa 9.
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today is friday, january 25th. >> good morning, beverly farmer will have time saver traffic. but let's start with this. this is the way things looked yesterday morning outside. it's not snowing right now and we are expecting more snow coming up this afternoon and evening. >> a number of school systems have already canceled today and others have delays for the afternoon. you can read those at the bottom of our screen or you can go to the website. wusa if you haven't done so already download the app on your ipad. at the top you will see cancellations, when you see your school, click on the star. it will be marked as one of your favorites. so the next time the school is closed for any reason, it will pop up right away. you won't have to scroll through all of the other schools and districts. >> i didn't know that.
4:27 am
you'll also see them at the bottom of your television screen. okay, look who's here now. good morning howard. >> surprised some are closed. it will start earlier out west. in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia you're going to see more and it's going to come in earlier. i can understand that but you know we're not going to see much beginning here until perhaps early to mid-afternoon. and i'm only talking about an inch possibly two for the metro area. somebody overperforms today maybe 3-inches of another fluffy snow. so looking at the day planner, you know we'll climb into the upper 20s. by 1:00, don't if surprised if there's a -- be surprised if there's a flurry or two or some like snow developing out to the west. so the morning is going to be fine. but the evening commute, there could definitely be some slick spots. not talking about a lot of snow
4:28 am
but the timing is not good for the ride home and certainly cold enough for things to stick. on the plus side we know it's coming. the crews will be out and there's a lot of salt still on the roads from yesterday morning. i don't think things are going to be that bad but there will be slick spots. we have the snow this morning across ohio trying to streak down to charleston, west virginia but around here all is quiet and calm. winter weather advisories go into effect earlier out west around noon. but for the metro area we're all under a winter weather advisory from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. this afternoon. temps this morning, bone chilling cold. 12 manassas and in annapolis and we are looking for highs today as i said holding in the 20s. 30 down to tappahannock and we're at 15 right now from bill in newland on the northern neck. over to beverly farmer. it is early friday morning, she's in for monika samtani with timesaver traffic. good morning howard. we're off to kind of a rough start for folks that need to make the trip south out of
4:29 am
baltimore from the airport and heading down out of baltimore to laurel. ongoing crash investigation on southbound 95 before you get to 175 just south of 100 near exit 41 has only one lane squeezing by to the right. this is farther south of the incident in laurel getting by 198 with also a work zone that's been tying up half of the roadway if that stretch helding down to the -- in that stretch heading down to the capital beltway. a vehicle truck that was towing a trailer with a boat on it and again it's going to be there for a while. coming out of baltimore 29, bw parkway are better options for you early on. right now if you're headed north on # 5 coming up -- 95 coming up out of fredericksburg and quantico into dumfries, overnight road work should be out of the way. heading up into springfield and on to 395 all the lanes are open on to the 14th street bridge. back to you. hundreds of thousands of abortion rights activists are expected to be in town today


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